Area rugs in Pembroke, NC

Nothing can pull a room together better than the right area rug. Area rugs set the mood and character of any space with a warm, inviting feeling that also serves as a comfortable, quiet oasis on top of hard surface flooring. Whether your personal style is traditional or contemporary, formal or casual, our rugs offer seemingly endless color and pattern options to help brighten smaller rooms or separate larger areas into more defined, intimate settings. They give you the most design impact for the least amount of space.

We offer a wide range of size and styles including:

  • Casual: Even less formal than transitional styles, casual rugs make comfortable additions to a room by adding elements of color and texture.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary designs are characterized by stark contrasts, bold use of color and sharp geometric design elements. Their fresh, modern designs tend to be more assertive and fearless. They have an architectural feeling that offers a strong statement to a room's décor.
  • Traditional: Traditional area rugs are typically more formal utilizing standard motifs found in antique Persian and Oriental carpets. Classic in design and color, traditional rugs will add a touch of luxury to any space.
  • Outdoor: Outdoor living areas are quickly growing in popularity and so follows the need for more sophisticated looks in outdoor furniture and area rugs. With over 200 outdoor friendly rugs to choose from, our selection provides a style and coloration for every customer from very simple traditional borders and textures to more globally inspired medallions and vibrantly colored florals. Textural and subtly colored graphic patterns, such as chevrons and tilework motifs, also coordinate well with many outdoor furniture and fabric groupings. It’s also very important to note that due to the versatility of our collections, while we label them as outdoor, they are often being used inside the home as well.
  • Shag: Shag rugs blend down-home comfort with trend-setter styling to set the mood for a warm and inviting room. We have taken the plush luxury of the traditional shag rugs and combined it with a unique blend of the highest quality fibers to create beautiful rugs that welcome visitors into your home. A stroll across these marvels gives a sense of pure comfort underfoot. Whether coming in from a stress-filled day at work or simply cuddled up in front of a cozy fire, these rugs are sure to provide warmth and comfort surpassed by no other. With a myriad of color selections from which to choose, a shag rug from Oriental Weavers, USA is certain to produce that feeling of comfort and ease for visitors and home-owners alike. Don't be surprised to see your visitors take you up on your offer to "Kick your shoes off and stay a while!"

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