Hardwood flooring in Pembroke, NC

One of the things that most homeowners know about hardwood flooring is its long lifespan. With a professional installation and regular care, they can last over 100 years. But there are so many other benefits available from this line of products.

No matter your needs, there's a match for them in this product line. You'll enjoy beautiful colors, styles, designs, and added durability. And when they come together, your floors will be everything you need them to be.

The best performance

When installed in busy homes, floors can take a beating. And wood floors offer options that can stand up to the task. It starts with a proper species selection, as some are harder than others and hold up better.

Hardwood flooring also has a wide variety of sealant and finish options, which helps even more. Even the stability offered by some installation layouts can create a stronger floor. You'll enjoy these results even more as time goes on.

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Fantastic durability means a lot

If you need outstanding scratch and scuff protection, these floors work excellently. Associates will help you build benefit upon benefit for the best results. And the finished hardwood flooring will be everything you need, even with pets in the home.

We'll talk about your specific requirements, so be ready to discuss what you want and need most. For example, do some areas have more traffic than others? You could appreciate different benefits in different places, and we'll help you.

The best visual for every decor

The wood floor aesthetic might seem standard, but there are more options than you think. First, the species gets things started with unusual patterns and natural colors. After this, stain colors and finishes come next, adding more layers to your wood floors.

The appearance can also change with board width, length, and installation layout. A chevron or herringbone installation can even add impressive stability in specific spaces. There are even more considerations we'll talk with you about if we see that it could work for your home.
Hardwood flooring in Pembroke, NC from Southern Interiors and Design

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When you choose Southern Interiors and Design, you'll find inventory options for various floors. So, whether you need solid or engineered wood flooring, we have something for everyone. And our associates are standing by to help you find them all.

Visit our showroom in Pembroke, NC today to find your hardwood flooring. Our service areas include Pembroke, NC, Lumberton, NC, Laurinburg, NC, Red Springs, NC, and Laurel Hill, NC. And we're standing by to help you find the perfect floors.