Our durable flooring picks

Our durable flooring picks

New floors are an exciting part of any remodel, and you'll want yours to be durable enough to match your specific need. But, of course, some products are more durable than others, and the more you know about them, the better decisions you can make.

Durability is an excellent feature in your flooring because it leads to a longer lifespan. And the longer your floors last, the more money you'll save over time.

Solid hardwood flooring

Durability is a significant characteristic of hardwood flooring, with options to customize your products. Species choice plays a vital role in durability, and our flooring company offers some that are much harder than others.

The harder the species, the more wear they can protect you from over time. You'll see fewer scratches, dents, and dings with a hard species than with a softer one and a lifespan of more than 100 years.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Though luxury vinyl flooring only lasts about 20 years, these floors are perfect for parents and pet owners. They resist all kinds of wear, including scratches and stains, and they're 100% waterproof.

These products are a perfect addition to any room, especially those with extensive traffic levels. These new floors are easy to install and clean and offer visuals that mimic natural materials.

Tile flooring

Tile flooring is fired in hot kilns, producing a dense product. The pieces resist cracks, chips, and scratches.

These products are placed in high-traffic areas with outstanding results. You can choose extensive visual options too.

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